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Rome 2010

posté le 31/05/2010 à 15h35 par kev

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I hope to see you in Rome for the 1st Under Water
Hockey International Meeting. It will be the 19th of
June at the wonderful swimming pool created last year
for the Fina’s world championship. Its name is Zero9
Via Cina n°91 ( Since more than one
month you can find the schedule of the day on our web
site, on facebook
( or on official web site like . Help us to forward the invitation
open to all single players even without a team. If you
didn’t get the registration form and if you like to
partecipate at the tournament like an single athlete or
just to be a visitor and using the free pool, the tour
in Rome, the hotel, dinners and the party, please use
the email

Christian Yari

Cell+39/ 3406737179


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