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Underwater Hockey 5° edition

Here we are with the official invitation!!!

Finally we know when the tournament will be held this

You’ve been chasing us so much to get to know
“the DATE” that I’m more than happy to say to
EVERYONE that we’ve got THE DATE now:


…it’s even an easy one to remember

Same place, same pool, same dinner, same party, same
free shiatsu massages...

and lots of FUN!!!

The Olympic outdoor swimming pool (2 meters deep) is
perfect for this competition.

The size of the water pool allows every team to play
lots of games in the two available playing areas.

We'll be playing between 9 am and 7 pm so you will be
satisfied and more than hungry for dinner!

Of coure wonderful italian food will be served!

We are planning to split the competition into
male/female rounds, so the female teams are more than
welcome, don't miss the chance to play a female-only

After the games we'll hold a prize-giving party
accompanied by fantastic Italian food, drinks and good

We have arranged group accommodation (hostel/hotel)
close to the pool.

For any further information and to subscribe your
team visit our website




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